Indie Project

A Project Dedicated to Independent Fiber Artists

My plans for this club are to create one of a kind skeins in collaboration with a different indie dyer each month. One of my favorite parts of dyeing yarn is we all do it differently and we each have our own style. It’s often talked about that even if 2 dyers had the same set of dyes, their skeins of yarn would still look different because we are all unique. I’m looking at this as a little bit of an experiment and I also hope for the club to be in the true spirit of what this community is: connections, sharing and love.

I have plans to include stitch markers or other goodies (did someone say Tuft Woolens?) some months and possibly even have some designers design a pattern or two. I’ll try to give you a rundown of how I see this working, so please let me know what other questions you have.

  • I will sell and ship the clubs through my website. With hopefully the help of some advertising on your behalf.
  • I’m planning to do pre-orders the first week of the month and then we will dye what is sold. I’m hopeful it will be worth your time, but could be on the smaller side for what your used to, or it could surprise us all!!
  • We will talk and collaborate on either a color scheme, inspiration photo or a set of dyes. We will then go do our thing and come back with 2 skein sets that coordinate to ship later in the month. Yarn bases will be the same and we can decide on that together also.
  • In terms of how profits are split, I am happy to work with you on what’s best for you. I can either buy the skeins outright from you at a wholesale-ish cost or I’d be happy to split the cost with you and you will get the full price of your skeins. I am really open to how you want to do it, as I’m not looking to make a profit on your yarn and I want it to be worth your effort!


I am so excited about this project and I hope you are too! I look forward to the most amazing year with you all!

The Ladies


Machete Shoppe

Brittany Petko






Hue Loco

Nicole Clark


A Homespun House

Molly Klatt



Casual Fashion Queen

Sheena McNeely




The Flying Kettle

Joyce Hethcox




Sweet Sparrow Yarns

Julie Rose





Bay Street Yarns

Anne Jensen






Kemper Wray





Woolberry Fiber Co.

Bethany Evans-Brown




6 and 7 Fiber

Rachel Lundstrom




Currently Open

Contact me if interested




Asylum Fibers

Stephanie Jones



Want to join in? Still have questions? Let me know!!

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