Demelza: Poldark Series

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This spring it came to my attention that there wasn’t any Poldark yarns out there in the world. So I did a weekly surprise club for those that are into that sort of thing. Now I have them available for you all. In case you don’t know, Poldark is a series on PBS that is a lovely watch!

Colors: she always seems to have the most gorgeous green dresses on, dancing with her red hair!

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**Hand dyed yarn can very from skein to skein. Colors are shown to the best of my ability. All computer screens show colors differently.

Care: I always recommend hand washing gently in cool/warm water and lay flat to dry, even superwash!

Allergies: Yarn is dyed in an environment where cats and a dog roam. I do my best to keep yarn away from them, but I can’t guarantee the skeins to be totally free of allergens. Just know this when ordering!

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75/25, 80/20 Two-Ply, DK MCN