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A little story….I grew up in a city, not a big city, but a good size city. My whole goal as a teenager was to move to the “big city” and live the dream. And so we did that after college, but only for a few years. After starting a family, the twist and turns of life and jobs moved us “up north” in Minnesota. Suddenly we had space, 5 whole whopping acres of space. Neighbors were farther away, chickens were welcomed and before we knew what was happening we were purchasing our first horse for our daughters. Keep in mind, we were city kids, not country folk. This was all new and a direction I never imagined myself going.

As the babies grew into kids we found the need a few years ago for more space. Our horse grew into a herd of 5 horses! My yarn business was growing and for the first time there was the thought of actually having the room to grow my own wool! This was so so exciting!

After purchasing the land and building the house… we are now building the farm!

About 7 months ago our first 3 Icelandic sheep came to live with us and shortly after 4 Shetland Sheep came home. All with bellies full of babies!

As one would assume, it takes time to create a farm. There is so much to do when starting from scratch. And that is exactly what we are doing. We do not come from farming families so it’s been a challenge. There is definitely a learning curve and lots of texts to a wonderful community. Ultimately I am just so excited for the future of this farm and what I can create for you!

So what’s next? A little fundraising to build a sheep building to provide more protection, lambing areas and to expand our flock.

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