About Me

My name is Sam; I’m a homeschooling mom raising four amazing kids in the forests of northern Minnesota and I’m passionate about all things yarn! Whether it’s spinning, dyeing, knitting or crocheting, I do it all. My yarn journey started, as most do, many years ago. I have fond memories of my mother teaching me to knit at a young age. After college, I picked up the needles — or really the crochet hook — again and started crocheting unique gift items for child and baby. It was no coincidence that this coincided with the birth of my first child and resulted in lots of cute hats, booties, and all kinds of goodies for the rest of my kiddos. A few years ago, I returned to more serious knitting and found myself becoming more and more interested in all aspects of the yarn process — from start to finish.

I started spinning and working with different fibers, learning more and more every day. It was about this time that I also started working with natural dyes made from materials found in my own backyard. Living in the beauty of the great northwoods has it benefits! I used locally spun yarn and natural dyes to create a subtle and soft palette. Recently, I’ve started to focus more heavily on hand dyed skeins of rich, vivid colors that are bold and eye-catching. Every skein ends up being a unique variation on theme of colors.

As any fiber artist knows, yarn is all about expression and creativity. So as I’ve continued my yarn journey, I’ve changed techniques, patterns, and color palettes yet common threads exist throughout. I’ve always sought to learn and explore while producing high quality items that reflect the time and love I put into every item. I only make things I want to buy, wear and share; Many of the items I sell are the same that are worn by my own kiddos every day. I’m committed to providing you the same high quality hand dyed yarn that I use at home. There’s no big box store here; just me in the woods, making yarn for you!

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please drop me a line using the contact page and I’ll get back to you personally.