As summer winds down and we begin to think about cooler days and the change in season, I’m excited to announce the upcoming release of my fall collection for 2019, The Cider House Anthologies. This collection includes all new colorways that really get at the heart of my favorite season.

While it’s always sad summer has to come to an end, there’s much to look forward to here in Minnesota as we move into the new season. Cooler days bring beautiful evenings with less mosquitoes and killer sunsets. The non-stop hustle and go-go-go of summer slows down and we settle back into our lives a bit, no longer needing to rush as much (or at least a little less). Leaves begin to change. It is harvest time for all kinds of things — including apples! And with all of this in mind, I begin to think of the coziness that fall brings too with a good knitting project or two (or three) and a delicious coffee.

Fall leaves

My fondness for fall is what served as inspiration for The Cider House Anthologies. These are the colors that come to mind when I think about all that I love to do during this part of the year. The new colorways in the fall collection are full of bold colors paired with the browns and earth-tones as neutrals. Together they create a richness that is more subdued than the bright lights of my spring and summer colors but it’s that richness that makes them cozy as well.


This is the perfect time to think about new projects for the colder weather or even getting a jump on some holiday gifts because we all know how that creeps up before we know it. As we get closer to fall, I’ll continue releasing these new colorways into the shop in full skeins. But if you can’t wait and want some colorwork options for what you’re working on now, I am offering a sneak peak with 10g mini skeins right now. These minis are a great way to jump into fall and make something beautiful.

Click here to learn more about the minis option!